Stop the Cheating – Share the Rents!

In his latest book The Traumatised Society Fred Harrison presents a grand historic narrative of the appropriation of the commons by rent seekers. He explains that the trauma resulting from this violent act of robbery continues to prevent us from understanding the root causes of the problems we are faced with and stops us from coming up with effective solutions. Harrison argues that human development is falling far short of its true potential due to the theft of commonly created economic surpluses. Using the word “cheating” to describe the private appropriation of rents, he describes how this behaviour has reached an advance stage. It is now central to our disfunctional economy and its pernicious effects threaten nothing less than the collapse of Western Civilisation itself. The book sounds a stark warning – if we fail to put a brake on the cheating, on the limitless greed of the rent seekers, and restore the right of the community to the rents they create, the likely outcome is war.

Here is an interview of Fred Harrison by Critical Thought, in which he discusses his book.

To read the first pages of  Fred’s book click here.

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