Crowdfunding initiative for new LVT film

The movement for the introduction of a land value tax is gaining momentum as more and more people come to understand how it would  reduce poverty and unemployment and create a fairer economy and housing system by shifting the tax burden where it belongs. Many MPs from across the political spectrum support the idea including Labour’s Andy Burnham, the Conservatives’ Nick Boles, the Liberal Democrats’ Vince Cable and the Greens’ Caroline Lucas. The idea is backed by serious policy research and is supported by progressive housing professionals.

A crowdfunding initiative called “The Taxing Question of Land” has been launched to raise £9,000 for the making of a high quality 20 minute documentary film aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of Land Value Tax still further. Experienced film maker Yoni Smith, working with the The Coalition for Economic Justice and leading UK LVT advocates including Tony Vickers, Dave Wetzel, Peter Bowman and David Triggs, is behind the initiative. Here is his pitch:

We at the Henry George Society of Devon wholeheartedly endorse this project because the film will help to take awareness of Land Value Tax and the Georgist economic principles that underpin it to the next level.  We therefore encourage all who can afford to make a donation to do so here. The crowdfunding appeal closes at the end of May 2013.

UPDATE: the crowd-funding appeal successfully reached its target of £9,000. We look forward to viewing the film later in the year!

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  1. Educating people about LVT is an important step in order to achieve a fair tax reform.


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