Economics doesn’t have to be the dismal science

Monopoly pictureEconomics has been called “The Dismal Science.” But it’s also been called “the science of how people get a living.” Our daily lives are beset with economic questions! Why is it so hard to buy a home? Why does the cost of going to university rise so fast? Why are willing, able workers unable to find jobs?

What about us the citizens — is basic economic literacy out of our reach? We are told, we need to ask the experts. But the experts tell us, “It’s more complicated than that!” Referring to obscure formulas and charts, they pitch their arguments at each other.

The Henry George Institute offers online courses that cast a light on today’s baffling economic problems and whats more the first course is absolutely free! No longer must you PAY US$25 and WAIT for a teacher to be assigned. But, you do still have to read stuff – that can’t be helped. It’s great stuff, though. 

People in the group share a basic insight. The course explores this insight from all relevant vantage points, from its roots in classical economics to its capacity to resolve the crippling contradictions of modern “autistic” economics. But be warned, this course will change the way you think and feel about society!

There’s not a darn thing to lose. Do sign up! Click here to find out more.

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