How can we grow a proper relationship between people and place?

A one-day Land Conference will take place in the Totnes Civic Hall on Saturday March 21st 2015. Its purpose is to give those who care about a proper relationship between people and the land (rural and urban) the opportuLandConferencenity to come together and share their understandings and passions on the topic.

The Conference was conceived and organised by a group of people committed to raising awareness of land issues, including several members of the Henry George Society of Devon. The desire is to facilitate opportunities for practical engagement with the firm belief that this will then convert into concrete action for change.

The morning session will consist of short and punchy presentations to get the discussion kick-started. The five speakers and their topics are:

  • Simon Fairlie – Radical approaches to accessing land
  • Jyoti Fernandez – Access to land – an international perspective
  • Jonty Williams – Economics for taking care of the Earth
  • Julian Pratt – Stewardship: an alternative to owning the earth
  • Inez Aponte – Meeting earth needs and human needs

The afternoon session is made up of a number of 45 minute group workshops organised around specific themes, which participants can choose between.

The conference begins at 9:30 (get there at 09.00 for coffee) and runs till 17:00. The cost is £15 which includes lunch (concessions available).

For more information go to the conference website here and book your places now! To contact the organizers e-mail

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