untitledContact email: contact@henrygeorgedevon.org.uk

The Henry George Society of Devon was established in October 2012 and our membership has grown steadily since. We meet 4 or 5 times a year in addition to special events such as public speaking engagements.  Our stated aim is to foster and promote a greater understanding of geoclassical economics in Devon UK. We do this a number of ways:

  • by “flying the Georgist flag” in Devon, providing a point of contact, forum and support network for Georgists in this part of the world;
  • by giving lectures and hosting discussions;
  • by providing advice and supplying resource material to individuals and groups;
  • by seeking to influence and educate teachers, students and politicians.

In accordance with the philosophy of Henry George, the Henry George Society of Devon holds that all people have a right to the use of the earth and that all have a right to the fruits of their labour. To implement these rights it is proposed that the rent of land be taken by the community as public revenue, and that all taxes on labour and the fruits of labour be abolished. The HGSD endorses George’s statement that “liberty means justice and justice is the natural law,” and that the social and economic ills besetting the world today are the result of non-conformance to natural law. The Society pledges itself to bring this philosophy to the attention of the public by all suitable means.

We believe that correctly understanding the fundamental root cause of the problem is the most vital step towards solving it. Our activities are therefore first and foremost directed at education rather than campaigning for the remedy (LVT). As George himself wrote:

“Until there be correct thought, there cannot be right action, and when there is correct thought, right action will follow”  (Social Problems, 1886).

If you want to learn about geoclassical economics, would like us to give a talk or wish to join us and/or help us further our aims please get in touch by emailing.

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