1. Husbandry: an ancient art for the modern worldHusbandrybook

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This book tells a story of husbandry – a proper, time-honoured way in which humanity may participate as members and marriage partners with the ‘earth communities’. Husbandry requires an exclusive relationship of a person with the land, and secure tenure. The husbander has a duty of care within the boundaries of their earth community – all land needs a husbandry clause modelled on those traditionally included in agricultural leases. And the husbander has a duty of care to those who are excluded by the boundaries of their earth community that is met by paying dues for the privilege of exclusive use. The author Jonty Williams is a founding member of the Henry George Society of Devon.

2. Taking Mirrlees forward: Replacing National Non-Domestic (Business) Rates by Land Value Taxation – need, impact and proposal for feasibility study

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JulianThis is a paper written by Julian Pratt who is a member of The Henry George Society of Devon. It is a detailed proposal for the replacement of the current UK Business Rates tax regime with a Land Value Tax. The paper is written for a Treasury audience and is therefore of a technical nature. Julian wrote the paper following a discussion with his local MP Dr. Sarah Wollaston. It’s title “Taking Mirrlees Forward” alludes to the 2011 Mirrlees Review “Reforming the Tax System for the 21st Century” by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.  This Review conducted by a high-profile group of experts identified the characteristics of a good tax system for any open developed economy in the 21st century, assessed the extent to which the UK tax system conforms to these ideals and recommended how it might realistically be reformed in that direction. The final report of the Mirrlees Review contains the following statement (p.377):

[Land Value Taxation] is such a powerful idea, and one that has been so comprehensively ignored by governments, that the case for a thorough official effort to design a workable solution seems to us to be overwhelming. In particular, significant adjustment costs would be merited if the inefficient and iniquitous system of business rates could be swept away and replaced by an LVT.

3. A True Economics

Chapter 9 of Mark Braund’s Book “The Possibility of Progress” (Shepheard-Walwyn, 2005)

Click here to access the essay: A True Economics, Mark Braund

In this essay Mark Braund sets out a true reading of economics, one which supports the possibility of a more inclusive world; a new understanding which indicates a solution to the problems of the creation and distribution of wealth, which promises fair shares for equal effort, and which provides opportunities for all who wish to work; an economics which brings the ideals of the socialist within range, but allows us to retain and build on those aspects of capitalism which have helped transform society and have delivered immense material benefits.  Full credit and many thanks to the author and publisher Shepheard-Walwyn for allowing us to make this content available here.

4. Henry George and the Reconstruction of CapitalismAndelson

This essay is by Dr. Robert V. Andelson (1931-2003), Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Auburn University and Distinguished Research Fellow of the American Institute for Economic Research.

Read it by clicking here: Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism

The easy was first published in booklet form in 1994 by the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and a hard copy of the essay can be ordered via the RSF online bookstore.

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